Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bloody Street moving on.....

Yours truly has officially sold out and accepted a real (i.e. paying) blogger gig writing for Redfin Sweet Digs starting sometime in February. My "territory" will be San Francisco-North, consisting of SOMA/South Beach on up to Marina/North Beach. The main focus will be neighborhood data, new and interesting properties/developments, and hopefully some big picture stuff (which you readers know I like to write about) and how it might relate to San Francisco and the Bay Area.

My goal is to continue some coverage here of the east bay, and focus on SF with Redfin.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!


eyedar said...

Congrats dude...I enjoy reading your stuff. I hope you still keep this blog up with info about properties in Oakland.

D Gordon said...

Thanks eyedar.

I will surely be keeping my eye on Oaktown/Berzerkeley area RE. If I cannot mix some of the east bay into my redfin posts, I will try to keep those up to date here. Oak/Berk is likely where I will be shopping in late 08 or sometime in 09.