Thursday, January 3, 2008

Freak Beverly Hills Realtor vs. Peter "Dr. Doom" Schiff

See youtube video here.

Freak realtor who might be on coke: "I'm not going to bore you with all of these numbers. It's a terrific time to buy! A new home is going to cost so much more in a couple years!"

Schiff: "This is a terrible time to buy a house. It's a great time to sell one - IF you can find a buyer!"

Freak realtor who might be on coke (now yelling): "I completely disagree. You're misleading people - you spend too much time on Wall Street and not enough time on Main Street"

Schiff (barely able to contain his laughter): "Ma'am, I'm the only person who's not misled people on real estate over the years. I'm one of the few people who told people to ignore the cheerleading of realtors"

At this point, the show ends. And I'm sure the freak realtor who might be on coke made a beeline straight to the ladies room if ya know what I mean.

Peter Schiff regularly appears on CNBC, Fox News, CNN, etc. and has been coined "Dr. Doom" by the CNBC program "Bulls and Bears." He is one of the few outspoken prognosticators who called for the housing meltdown and mortgage collapse years ago. He is President of Euro Pacific Capital, a broker/dealer that specializes in foreign investments and securities.

(video and excerpt taken from HousingPANIC)

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